That school thing (and other long overdue updates)

Well, it’s been two (3?) months since I moved to Chicago and began my education at Flashpoint Academy. And since then, I’ve been swamped with incredible amounts of awesome homework, and new experiences. Here’s a condensed (see: “lazy”) version:

One of my Game teachers (Bob McCabe) used to work for Bioware and was part of the Mass Effect 1 team.

One of the Recording Arts teachers (Tom Blakemore) at my school did some of the sound work for Halos 1-3.

Two of my teachers (Matt Battaglia and Billy Carton) are not likely to be of any note to the community that will be reading this (other than being friends with some of the employees at 343 Industries) but are awesome and accomplished teachers nonetheless.

I’m learning about Maya, UDK, the history of gaming (all the way back to the invention of board games and whatnot), some stuff about Photoshop I didn’t know before, etc. More to come.

Here’s where I’m living now:

Old pictures cuz I don’t want to take new ones.

Here’s some stuff I made while I was here. Yeah, I just took a picture of the 3D models with my phone. Deal with it:

Sprite concept:

First 3D model:

Refined technique:

 For one project, I coordinated with Tom Blakemore and made my way into the foley lab with a group of fellow evildoers:

Here’s the final result.

I also did some greenscreen work for another group’s project:

… among other things. These are just the most documented, but I’ve been working on lots of other stuff as well, and continue to do so.

I’m on spring break now and this post is sloppy. So here’s a picture of Spock with a handgun:

I’ll try and update with school stuff more often.


I’m sorry.

But this must be done: